Defibrillator Installed in the former BT phonebox

A defibrillator has been installed in the former BT phonebox, located in Ivychurch church car park, adjacent to The Bell pub. Defibrillator equipment that can help save the lives of heart attack victims.

A high-visibility yellow, vandal-resistant, heated steel cabinet keeps it secure and fully charged. Access to the defibrillator is by  999 call, the operator will give you the access code to unlock the defibrillator and tell you how to use it.

The defibrillator analyses the patient to see if they’re suffering from a cardiac arrest. If necessary, it will deliver a powerful, controlled electric shock to restore normal heartbeat. The defibrillator will talk you through the necessary steps, so no training is necessary to use it.

Following the decommissioning of the payphone by BT, the phone  box and the defibrillator were purchased by the Parish Council.

Plans are afoot for a charity book exchange in the phone box, look out for more details.