Ivychurch Speedwatch January 2020 Results

Parish Council Report for Ivychurch Speedwatch Group. 

Summary for January 2020

Number of Speedwatch Sessions this period  = 1
Total number of vehicles = 39
Total number of vehicles exceeding limit  = 2 5% speeding
DVLA Valid vehicles  = 2
Accuracy of Registration numbers recorded  = 100%
Maximum Speed recorded in the 30 limit  = 38 mph

Police Actions this Period

1st Record Observed  = n/k

Overall Statistics Since November 2017

Maximum Speed recorded in 30 limit  = 46 mph(+53%)

One speedwatch session was held in January, due to the short daylight hours and the lack of volunteers. If you would like to see more action being taken then do volunteer, help is needed with counting vehicles, recording vehicle details and monitoring speeds. You can find out more on www.communityspeedwatch.org
If you are concerned at the speed at which a significant number of drivers continue to pass through the village then you might like to offer some time to carry out an occasional hours roadside speed monitoring. Days and times to suit – if you could spare an hour a month then you would be very welcome to join the team – free training provided.
Want to get involved? If you can spare an hour or two each month come and get involved, training given. Contact  parishclerk@Ivychurch.org.uk for details.